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Cherry Stalk 50 Gr

Arifoğlu Cherry Stalk 40 g Arifoğlu Cherry Stalk; It is among the most frequently preferred herbal teas by those who care about their fitness....
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Arifoğlu Cherry Stalk 40 g

Arifoğlu Cherry Stalk; It is among the most frequently preferred herbal teas by those who care about their fitness.

It is a very rich source of vitamins A, C and E. Cherry stalk, which is an extremely powerful diuretic when consumed as tea, prevents kidney stones and urinary tract infections and also helps remove toxins from the body through urine.

Cherry, whose Latin name is 'Cerasus avium', belongs to the rosacea family. Its homeland is the Caspian Sea and Northeastern Anatolia. Its homeland in our country is known as Giresun. It is a perennial plant that sheds its leaves in winter and blooms pink and white flowers before its leaves in spring.

Depending on the region and the type of tree, cherry fruit ripens between the end of April and the beginning of July. Cherry is a round-shaped, fleshy, juicy, slightly fibrous, delicious and pleasantly aromatic fruit. Cherries are eaten fresh as well as used in cakes, ice creams and other types of desserts.

This fruit, which has been consumed by human beings since ancient times, symbolizes birth and renewal in Greek mythology. Immortality in China... It is said that it was taken from Giresun by the Roman king Caesar and spread all over the world. At that time, Giresun's name was Kerasus (cherry). In a Chinese myth, it is believed that the goddess Xi Wang Mu stores immortality in cherry gardens every thousand years. Cherry trees are known for not allowing evil spirits and black magic. Still in China, on New Year's Eve, cherry tree branches are hung on the doors and cherry tree statues are placed in the gardens.

From cherry stem plant; cherry stem tea and cherry stem capsule are produced.

Preparation of Cherry Stalk Tea:

After boiling the cherry stem for 2-3 minutes, you can leave it to brew for 5-7 minutes and drink it.
It will be enough to consume half a cup of cherry stem tea on an empty stomach in the morning.

Why should my choice be Arifoğlu herbal products?

The valuable plants of our country, which has the richest soil in the world, find the place they deserve with a plant products brand born in these lands. Many plants growing around the world are included in Arifoğlu's selection of valuable plants.

We carefully collect the most suitable crop at the most appropriate time.
We analyze it according to scientific criteria and ensure its quality.
We package high quality plants under sterile conditions.
We offer valuable plants to the service of all our customers who are aware of Arifoğlu.

We know that the existence of valuable plants is part of our responsibility to future generations. We support ecological life by bringing our plant products to large masses.

What Makes a Medicinal Plant Medicinal?

Some plants contain various active ingredients that have been proven by scientists to be medicinal. What makes the plant medicinal is the abundance and quality of these active ingredients.

Kiraz Sapı

Cherry Stalk 50 Gr


Cherry Stalk 50 Gr


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