Boz-2 Baklava in Antep

Baklava 1st Class in Antep It is collected in its most natural form, sorted untouched by human hands, combined with salt and packaged for...
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Baklava 1st Class in Antep
It is collected in its most natural form, sorted untouched by human hands, combined with salt and packaged for you. 1st Class Antep Baklava can be used in making all kinds of cakes, desserts, Turkish delight, baklava, halva, chocolate, and it also gives a pleasant taste and color to your breads and cakes. With its many uses in the kitchen, pistachios have gained a valuable place as one of our indispensable items.
It has a wide range of uses, both in taste and decoration, during holidays, special days and times. Pistachio baklava has a special place in our culture. No snack can replace pistachios in desserts such as kunefe and wrapped kadayıf.

History of Pistachios
The first information about the pistachio tree dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows that pistachios date back to B.C. It shows that it was consumed around 6750 BC. Pistachios were first grown in Southern Anatolia, where the Etiler settled. The fact that it was included in the tables of kings even in those times shows that the value of this fruit was known. It shows that people grew pistachio trees ages ago and included the valuable fruit of this tree in their diet. Seeds used to grow pistachio trees dating back to this date have been found in archaeological ruins.

The homeland of Green Gold remains within the Middle East, so it appears as a food that has spread from the Middle East to Southern Anatolia, Asia and the world. Today, the pistachio tree has become a tree that can be easily grown in many parts of the world when the appropriate environment is provided. Roasted pistachios, which were famous for appearing on kings' tables centuries ago, are now a must in kitchens with their taste that everyone knows.

It decorates your tables either at tea time in the evening or as a treat when your guests come over. It is one of the types of nuts found in almost every home. Roasted Pistachios are an essential ingredient in Cocktail Mixed Nuts. Roasted Pistachios and Raw Pistachios, which are one of the nuts that enrich the content of mixed cookies, are a snack loved and preferred by everyone.

It can be served alone as well as enriching cocktail mixed nuts at weddings, henna ceremonies, associations and meetings. Additionally, pistachio shells are used in handicrafts and design works. While it can be an ornament in your home, a wide variety of creative and enjoyable works such as necklaces and bracelets can be made. Roasted pistachios are a beautiful and beneficial food that appeals to the eye while containing various benefits in addition to its taste.

Nutritional Values ​​of Roasted Pistachios
100 grams
-1007 mg potassium,
-21.1 g protein,
-10.3 g fiber,
-4 mg iron,
-107 mg calcium,
-28.3 g calcium,
-45.8 g fat,
-266 IU vitamin A
-3 mg vitamin C
-cholesterol value is 0
-572 calories.

Boz-2 Baklava in Antep

Boz-2 Baklava in Antep


Boz-2 Baklava in Antep

Select Quantity: 500 GRAMS

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